Blast Through Fat Loss Plateaus, Gain Muscle & Strength, & Get A Next Level Body Without Burnout Even In Your 40’s, 50’s, 60’S and Beyond.

Get in shape and shed the final 20+ pounds, build upper body muscle definition, and harness sustained energy throughout the day without resorting to strict diets or spending excessive time at the gym.

Delegate a reliable and proven method for achieving a significant visual change - tailored for busy schedules, frequent travel, and social commitments.

An sustainable strategy for ambitious business owners and executives, to blast thru their fitness plateau and elevate their physique to the next level (not just focusing on weight loss on the scale). Attain a top-tier physical form that mirrors your commitment to excellence in all other aspects of life.

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Karen B.

"I have been training with Shana now for 6 weeks. I have already seen results. She is amazing and genuinely cares about her clients. She not only has me on a fitness program, she has designed a new meal plan for me that works with my busy schedule. I am so grateful for her and I highly recommend her as a coach!"

Judy S.

"I was so mind blown about how simple it was to hit my goals! 20 lbs down?! No way, I never thought I would get there. I want to thank Shana for all her guidance. I recommend her 100%."

Allie M.

"When I started training with Shana my goal was to be stronger and also lose body fat. She has helped me do both of those and so much more. Her workouts are tough, but worth it. Shana also helps me with meal plans to make sure I'm eating the right balance of everything, while making sure I can have my favorite foods. I haven't been in such good shape in years!"

Located 5 min from John Wayne Airport


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