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In American diet culture when we set out to achieve specific weight loss goals, we put all the emphasis on “extremisms”, usually strict dieting and rigorous workouts. Often times, all this effort leads to tiny little results or worse, none at all, and we quit.

By now a lot of women have realized that it takes much more than just following a workout and strict diet plan to get permanent weight loss results. But what the heck are those missing pieces?!

This inspiring talk pulls from my 10 years as a professional fitness coach working with women, which has led to my proven methodology for not only weight loss success, but permanent weight loss results as well as increased confidence, clarity, self worth, & happiness.


1. Learn the four pillars to master motivation and prioritize mental & physical health to break thru weight loss plateaus, permanently.

2. Discover a five part system to help you get started.

3. Take away two action steps to implement immediately to start feeling more confident, healthy, & happy.

Located at:

Life Time Fitness - Lakeshore/Irvine.

18007 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612

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